Thursday, March 11, 2010


we spent a night in AC with two other couples and had a BLAST. we had dinner at buddakan (which was delicious), followed by gambling (where i won $300 on penny slots), and then a little more gambling and hanging out watching very trashed weirdos dance at the trop, then second late night dinner at tony's baltimore grill, which was awesome by the way. my meal consisted of roast beef, surrounded by french fries, and wasn't great, but everyone else had good meals and the place was rad. very old school.

the next day we did a little more gambling and i won $200 more bucks! then we went shopping at the outlets to spend our winnings on clothes. excellent trip. it's amazing how different a trip to AC is depending on whether you win or loose.


stephanie said...

omg that is SO awesome that you won! are you going to show what you bought? i've never been to AC....maybe someday.

Brandi said...

I used to go to AC so often -- my aunt and uncle used to take my grandmother down there and I loved spending time with her at the slot machines (some of those are really fun). I'm so happy you walked away a winner and had an awesome time.