Monday, August 1, 2016

Well that was fun

A huge thank you to everyone who came out for my first POP UP shop on Sunday! I had a blast hanging out with you while you shopped in my house! The process of setting up for it was fun too.

Basically I redecorated my house with vintage housewares, plants, flowers and pillows from my shop. Also sprinkled in the mix was art by my very talented artist friends.

This area is usually our bar, but became a milk glass collection.

The pillow on the left is a quilted pillow. I designed the colorful subway tile fabric with the website Spoonflower. I used a photo that I took of the Market East (Jefferson) train station in Philadelphia. The station has a two huge walls of tiles that from far away are a trees, but from most vantage points they just look like random angled subway tiles. I took a photo and did a mirror repeat to make a cool design.

My friend Jason Koons, who creates papercut art, had several pieces hung throughout the house. This intricate tree was created by cutting paper with an exacto knife. 

And here is one of his large papercut stars. 

My photography skills do not do them justice, they are the coolest. The one above and two below are all sold. I really wanted the top one in the photo below, but my friend Ben snagged it before I bought it. Jason does custom work, so we are going to commission something cool. 

And here is the gorgeous pottery by Marilyn McCauley. That pot in the middle is now all mine :-) 

The brand*eye home vintage planters and plants were a hit.

The happy shopper Pia taking a break after a karaoke session.

Oh yeah, there was also karaoke, hot dogs and chili compliments of my husband Dave. We can't invite people over to our home without feeding them, and as soon as anyone mentions karaoke it's on. 

Thanks for hanging! 

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