Wednesday, May 1, 2013


i can't believe i have had this blog for FIVE years today. luckily i set a reminder on my phone for the big 5 year mark, or i definitely would have forgotten.

a lot has changed and happened over the years. i started quilting, opened my etsy shop, enjoyed living in our old house, went to lots of flea markets, sewed a lot of crap, travelled a lot, sold my wares at the wonderful clover market, made a ton of quilts, and moved into our dream  house. i decided to close the etsy shop, which was a really hard decision. i still will be making quilts, just not selling them.

first post here, appropriately, also about spring, which is the best season.

thanks so much to those of you who have been reading along the way! i am a terrible writer, so i try to post more pictures than words.
 thanks for sticking around.

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