Wednesday, April 17, 2013


every season in our house has been great, but now that i've spent the beginnings of a spring in our home, it is by far my favorite. i planted over 200 bulbs in the fall which are starting to come up. i blame it on martha, and me reading her mag/blog/show and thinking that when she says that she planted hundreds of bulbs, it wasn't actually by her, it was her gardeners. but anyway, it was worth it!

spring has been great to see everything that is coming up and plants are popping up that i didn't even realize we had. like this tree below, i'm not even sure what it is, but it's beautiful. and peonies. and forsythia. 

 here are some of the many bulbs i planted.
 and the gardens have hellebores, which i have always wanted.

 they work great to use indoors and they seem to last for around at least 2 weeks.
i find that it's easier to keep plants alive in this house, because it gets such great light. although i have still managed to kill a few.
 i used this area to plant seedlings, which i hope make it. they are 'hardening off' outside.

 i bought this fern that i put in my sewing room, but it's not doing so hot so i should probably move it.
 and the japanese maple is starting to bud and it looks amazing.

moz is still loving the house. but you see that boxwood below? dead. one of my failures. and i kept it alive for years at our old house! but i sort of forgot to water it all winter. oops.
and i've become obsessed with gardening/plants/outdoors lately. i am usually spending my time pinteresting the garden board, or buying plants, or planning outside, or planting outside. let's hope i keep everything alive!
my lovely mom bought me the combination below.
i saw this euphorbia blackbird below (right) and added it with some caramel heuchera and boulder blue fescua, along with creeping jenny and i think it looks great!! how cool is euphorbia? i never noticed it around before, but now i'm obsessed. the black planter i picked up at a moving sale around here and the brown pot from lowe's.

how is your spring? what are you planting?

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