Monday, May 13, 2013

flea market find and craft room update

for some reason i have neglected decorating my craft room and it is a depressing sight. this corner of the room was very dark and was also the part of it that i used the most. it's hard to imagine how a room with 6, (yes six) light switches could have a patch of darkness, but it did. i was looking for a light just like this for the space and almost just folded and bought one online a few times for a small fortune. but sometimes you just so happen to find exactly what you are looking for at a flea market for $10. i still need to do something with the cord problem. 

the seagull painting was also bought at a flea (punk rock flea market) years ago. and the sign was from my dad. 
and i picked up the spool holder a couple of years ago at a thrift store for $1. it is missing a couple of pegs, but it works! i finally hung it.
i also started to cover my chair with some cool faux bois fabric. 

still need to:
make pin board
install new flooring
hang shelving

and just because he's adorable.

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