Wednesday, April 28, 2010

time for a drink

i've had a pretty bad day. the work part was the usual annoyance, but the bad part started when my work day ended and my car wouldn't start. it finally did, but now i have to take it to the shop since this has been happening for about a week, which i'm sure will be $$$$. then i realized that my lovely checking account has been taking out $25 each month for a fee. apparently this started after the first year was over, but i don't recall ever being informed about it and never use this check account, so i never really bothered to look at the statements. bad idea! they've taken about $200 bucks of brandeye $, just what i need, awesome. then i realized i forgot to file local business taxes, what a real idiot. so this has just been quite a day and i am in need of a drink :-) i'm going to use this cute set to make myself one as soon as i finish this post. hopefully i don't break it, because it's in the SHOP!

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