Thursday, April 1, 2010


i have to update you on some things, but first and foremost, i just found teeny, tiny, just-born bunnies in our back yard! i was just taking a stroll around the yard, looking to see what's sprouting and coming back to life, when moz started chasing a bunny. i made him stop (luckily he listened to me) and then went on a hunt to see if there were bunnies near by that the rabbit may have been directing our attention away from. and sure enough there was, right where moz first spotted her. they are so small, and the pictures don't do them justice, because they are buried in their mom's fur. but i swear there are under that hairball, and they are (almost) cute, i'll give them a week and they'll be way cuter. right now they don't even really have fur, which is key to being cute in my book.


Brandi said...

Oh, please do post more pictures of the bunnies soon. I always wanted my own...I'll settle for photos of the wee little ones. Maybe some lettuce or carrots would be good to leave in the area?

Broomcakes said...

Every year we get a bunny nest in the back yard. I actually hate it because of the year Bones killed two of the babies before I even realized that it wasn't a squeaky toy he had found behind the AC unit. It was horrible. I urge all bunnies to nest elsewhere!