Thursday, April 1, 2010

guest bedroom redo

i've temporarily given up on the basement, since the wallpaper i decided on (the green trees one) was sold when i went to buy it. damn it! so i'm trying to re-do the guest bedroom. it's a work in progress. i started making a patchwork duvet cover for the existing comforter, which is warm, but ugly as hell. note to self (and to anyone listening): do NOT buy any type of fabric that has a shimmer or sheen to it, unless it's super high quality. it's going to look like crap and i'm trying to de-shimmer this room. the curtains and bed skirt are left and might have to stay since i don't want to spend a lot.

i'm almost finished with the duvet cover, but my buttonhole stitch isn't working on my sewing machine! it'll make one perfectly, then screw up all the rest. damn it x2!

and i bought this vintage chair at a thrift store for $20. i call it the grandpa chair, because my grandpa had one just like it.

and the rest of the furniture is staying, not only because it's gorgeous, but because it was my grandma's. i briefly thought about painting it, but it's just in too good of shape and the cherry is really pretty. i might change the drawer pulls though.

i just need to get rid of 90% of this crap to make it look nice.

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