Tuesday, December 8, 2015

craft night!

I've been slacking on the craft nights lately, but this weekend I had my wonderful gal friends over for some good old fashioned crafting and eating pizza. Make it easy on yourself and just order take out and have  a couple apps to nibble one. A couple of cheeses and crackers are a great appetizer.

My friend Jenn made this "reef." She came prepared with some store bought greenery which she gave up on. I couldn't let a friend fail, so we went foraging in the yard for the holly and used some of the leftover bottom-of-the-Christmas-tree-braches to make a cool off-center wreath.

She has had this wreath for years and takes it apart every year to make a cool new "reef."

Jenni made these rad terracotta pots with a gold marker. If you live in Philly they may have these markers under lock and key and not trust you to take them to the register yourself.

The flower on the left has a name, but I forget what they are called. Also, it's good to remember that you don't even have to make or finish a craft at craft night. It's all about the gabbing and friendship and hanging out. And if we're being truthful, that flower was made at a craft night years ago :-) The important part is hanging out with your friends!

I made those Christmas trees above. Be on the lookout for instructions for them soon. They double as tambourines.


Then there was this lazy bones sleeping on the sofa looking all cozy and cute.


What are you crafting? If crafting is something that you want to do, but never make time for it, then just go email your friends and set a craft date!

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melassey said...

a lovely night, indeed, Brand-eye! Thanks for hosting!! The origami flower is called kusudama. :)