Friday, November 13, 2009


my grandpaw, as he would always spell it in cards, was truly the best grandpa that i could have asked for. he was a true sweetheart, and a piss cutter. a term which dave and i now use as much as possible. you see my grandpa wrote on the back of almost every photograph he had, and referred to himself on a couple of occasions as "wasn't i a piss cutter" or "look at that piss cutter." apparently (thanks to the urban dictionary) it means smart young man, or can also mean something is really shitty or below average. and he certainly wasn't shitty, so i am sure he meant smart young man.

you will be missed grandpaw and i will never forget what you told me every time you saw me, "grandpa loves you." this world was so very lucky to have you for 90 years.

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