Monday, September 21, 2009

amazing weekend

once in awhile we get a (mostly) free weekend where we can do whatever we want, and do what we want we did. to top it off the weather was perfect and it's finally feeling and smelling like fall. fall is my favorite season, until spring, then spring is my favorite season.

our weekend included dinner with friends, breakfast's, thrift stores, yard sales, motorcycle shopping, farmer's market, the weakerthan's show, heirloom tomatoes from the aforementioned farmer's market, drive through gorgeous bucks county and the star of the weekend... short rib ragu. dave makes the best short rib ragout in all of the universe. i need to remember to stop ordering meals at restaurants that i know dave makes the best (even better than supposedly great restaurants). no one can top his eggplant parm, meatballs, or short rib ragu.

we even let moz lick the bowl.

and i even took a bubble bath this weekend. a BUBBLE BATH, as in a tub full of water and bubbles. i haven't had a bath in about 8 years, i've had showers of course ;-) just not a bath.

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Alyssa said...

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Fall is the best!