Monday, March 2, 2009


last saturday (and then again this saturday at my parents) i came home to a surprise birthday party for me. it was the first time i was successfully surprised, which is kind of funny, because in the morning i had a feeling it would be that night. but then as the day progressed, everyone made plans with me to do something that night that i thought i must be wrong, not to mention my memory is awful. so i rushed home from a bridal shower to run down to the city for dinner and when i opened the door... SURPRISE. it really was a bit overwhelming and i want to thank everyone for pulling it off. even though my very wonderful, but not so slick, husband, sent me an e-vite to my own party and still didn't spoil it. (i didn't look at the e-vite, he deleted it right away when i asked him as i was opening the e-vite "what party did you sent me an e-vite to" he just yelled, "don't look at it!" and so i only saw "surprise 30th birthday party for brandi" without any date details.
here are some highlights of the night.
there was lots of good food, most of which i ate for leftovers all week.

and old friends.

and family.

and a cake fight.

and lots of karaoke (and mustaches).

thanks to everyone for all the fun.

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@pril G said...

Happy Birthday Friend!