Saturday, January 10, 2009

what a great day-etsy sales!

i woke up this morning, checked my e-mail and sold two things! the vintage patio snack set and glass compote bowl. i would like to thank rachael for having me in her treasury, it sold!

after i shipped them i stopped at a thrift store right by my house that i've meaning to go to forever, new life thrift. it was great, super well-organized and had loads of furniture and housewares. there are a couple of things i regret not getting for myself, so i might head over there again monday.

here is what i bought for the brandeye etsy shop.
a beautiful green glass pedestal bowl and an old bitters bottle from the horse shoe medicine company. the glass was made by wheaton in nj. they actually still supply glass to the pharmaceutical industry, although none of it is this beautiful. i'm sure they don't still sell horse shoe shaped bottles.

click on the pictures below to go to the brandeye listing.

tomorrow i hope to make it to an antique mall that i love out in adamstown, pa. the last time i was going to go we got lots of ice, so i couldn't. this time they're calling for snow, but so far they've been wrong. there is a pathetic amount of snow on the ground at the moment.

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Kim Caro said...

yay and they are beautiful . i looove green!