Tuesday, January 13, 2009

because everybody needs a travelling bar set-up

sunday i made it out to some antique malls in adamstown, pa. i got there earlier than my family (it's about 1/2 way between us, so they met me out there, thanks mom and dad and ang). anyway, i first went to a smaller co-op type shop and found the only thing i bought that day. a trav-l-bar! i was contemplating keeping it for myself (it is no coincidence that a bottle of jack fits so perfectly ;-), but i decided to sell it. it is in really great shape and comes with: a locking (with key) case, 4 cups, 2 shot glasses, a tray, a stirrer and a bottle opener, with space for 3 bottles of booze! check it out by clicking below to see the listing in my etsy. shop.

come to think of it, this would make the perfect briefcase to take to my 'real' job, it would make it much more bearable...

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