Thursday, September 11, 2008

summer 2008 soundtrack

if this summer could be summed up by one record it would be the hold steady stay positive. there are a lot of f*cked up things going on in this world and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this. staying positive is really the easiest thing you can do to change your life and the things around you.
if you haven't bought it yet, drop what you are doing and run out to the music store (do they even exist anymore?) and buy it, immediately (or go to their myspace and take a listen.) it was pretty much on repeat all summer. and dave was lucky enough to go on tour with our buds the loved ones, who were on tour with the hold steady for two weeks this summer. if lord i'm discouraged doesn't make you sad or constructive summer doesn't make you rock then you are inhuman.
they are playing philly again on november 8. can't wait.

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