Wednesday, September 3, 2008

quilted ipod cases

dave and i splurged recently and got new ipods. i got the ipod touch (it's awesome) and he got the 80gig classic. they needed cases so i put my quilting and sewing skills to work and made some. i recently bought some vintage fabric from etsy and used it (along with some left over amy butler fabric) to make the cases. i haven't used any patterns yet, i just kind of wing it.

i was at my parent's house the other month and saw two jars full of buttons and asked if i could have them. turns out that they belonged to my grandma, so they are very special to me. this blue one was my favorite.


The Sweigart Family said...

So cute! If I ever jump into the 21st century and get one of my own, I want you to make me a case for it!! Man, I wish we could 'craft' together.

brand-eye said...

me too, you need to move your ass to the east coast!