Wednesday, June 4, 2008

new (and old) fabric

i was out shopping saturday with a friend and finally got to check out the fabric store spool in philly. they had such a great selection of fabrics and we also signed up for quilting classes. i'm looking forward to learning how to make them the "right" way.

here is the fabric i bought. the polka dots fabric shimmers, that's right, it shimmers. it is awesome. the flower fabric is old. i think my dad brought it home one day in a bag full of stuff he got somewhere. he's good at getting things for free. some would call it junk, and some of it is, but there have been some gems.


Alyssa said...

fun, what are you going to make with you new fabric? Another quilt. Wish I could come over and quilt with you!

brandeye said...

i wish you could too. you should take a vacation to philly ;-)
the fabric is for a quilt. and i just bought more sunday for another quilt. i better get busy.