Monday, October 24, 2016

auctions are the greatest

I have only been to two auctions in my adult life and I intend to go to many, many more as often as I can. They are so much fun, and you can find the greatest treasures!

This weekend I went to an auction in this beautiful building below. It is the Highlands in Fort Washington. It is quite a spectacular place. I had previously explored the grounds and gardens, but this time I finally got to see the inside. And it just so happened to be filled to the brim with amazing treasures of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and lots of rugs. It was as close to heaven that I can get in Fort Washington 

This is a light fixture in the building. 

The gardens are spectacular and were bursting with colors of fall. 

I scored the four rugs below. I am doing some research on them and will list them soon. But in the meantime, here is a sneak peak.

This sculpture looked like it would fit right in a museum.

They had so many rugs! I should have bought more. Next time I will. Let me know if you're on the lookout for any.

 Where are your favorite auction spots? And what was your best auction find?

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