Tuesday, June 14, 2016

flower csa

By now, I am sure that you have most likely heard of a CSA, which stands for community sponsored agriculture. Typically they are for farms and you can pay to get a variety of veggies over the season. But did you know they have them for flowers too? Yes, it's true. The one I signed up for is at Love 'n Fresh Flowers, which is a flower farm in Philadelphia.

I signed up for the bucket share, which you see below. You can also choose to get an arrangement already made, but by now you should know how much I love to arrange flowers.

The first arrangement I made was in this awesome pottery bowl. And, ahem, it's for sale in the brand*eye shop! As instructed by me before, you want to start with making a base for the flowers. I used the filler that was included to give a foundation for the flowers to sit in. Then I added the blue flowers and yellow flowers. I wish I knew the names of them for you, but unfortunately I do not.

And this vase set is also for sale in the brand*eye home shop!

In total, i filled 11 vases with flowers! Of course some only had a stem or two, but some flowers look best that way. I'm looking at you peony. I could marry these peonies. LOOK AT THEM! 

Imagine that, this vase is also for sale in the brand*eye home shop.

And of course, this milk glass vase could also be yours.

 How cool is this flower?

I seriously had to keep getting vases from the house. Luckily I have a plethora of vases so that wasn't an issue. 

This is an IKEA vase.

I learned of Love 'n Fresh Flowers when they did the flowers for a friends wedding. As you can imagine, the flowers were incredible. Even better is that they are local and organic flowers. Did you know that the flowers you usually buy are full of chemicals? Not these.

The next  4 weeks I will be getting a bucket of flowers, so you can look forward to me bombarding you with flower photos on all social media.

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