Saturday, March 5, 2016

wallpaper sample project and bedroom update

While trying to decide on a wallpaper to use in the dining room, I ordered a bunch of samples from York Wallcoverings. You can order large format samples and then use them for DIY projects in your house! This pattern was a close second choice for the dining room, but I am happy that I talked Dave into my first choice

Wallpapering can be a real commitment and expense if you use it in an entire room or wall. If you don't want to make that big of a commitment, but really LOVE wallpaper (which you should) you can just paper a small area, as I have here. Our bedroom has a built-in vanity area with a couple of high shelves with a set of doors. The doors were the perfect canvas for this project. This wallpaper is called Wild Poppies and is flocked with a slightly shimmery base. It is a super cool and modern print. 


For this project I papered small doors,  but use your imagination to make it your own. If you want more of a large focal point somewhere in your house, you could wallpaper a large piece of particle board or wood from your lumber yard and attach it to your wall. 

  • Mod Podge (or wallpaper paste)
  • Paint brush for applying the Mod Podge
  • Pencil for tracing 
  • Scissors for cutting (or a cutting mat)
  • Roller of some sort. Even a rolling pin will work
  • First you will want to prep what you are wallpapering. Make sure it is clean and smooth. 
  • Trace your item (or measure) and cut the wallpaper to the size you need. 
  • Cut to the correct size. You can cut any excess once it's applied, but I find it easier to have it the correct size to start with.

  • Use your paint brush to cover the area with Mod Podge
  • Place the wallpaper on the item. I started by lining up one edge and then smoothing out the rest
  • Use your roller to smooth out the wallpaper to ensure good contact with the Mod Podge
  • If any drips out of the side, wipe it with some damp paper towels.
  • Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut away any excess

And voila, here is the finished vanity area. Although nothing is ever really "finished." I really need new curtains, which I intend to make once my sewing machine is out of the shop.

The bag to the right is my favorite madebyhank bag. She makes the coolest purses and bags and I am feeling the urge to buy another one. She has a shop here you should check out.

The art on the right was made by one of Dave's former students. Every year the art department at his school holds a huge art show. We bought this piece a couple of years ago. It's been hanging a few places around the house, but I think I finally found a permanent spot for it. Although, another plan for this room is to make that whole small wall a mirror. I desperately need a good full length mirror in our bedroom (in addition to a well-lit space) so I stop accidentally wearing shirts that are see through to work. Oops. 

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