Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sewing / Craft Room Update

I spent the Saturday of the blizzard rearranging and organizing my sewing / craft room. The room was set up in a way that just wasn't working for me. Now I can easily access the shelves again!

I finally figured out a floor plan that works. On Black Friday I saw a deal for a free Homepolish session so I bought it. This gave me an hour session with a designer who I facetimed with, Marcy Garcia. And by the way I never use facetime and hate being recorded, so I am pretty sure I was terrible at it. It was so great to get a fresh opinion on everything. She found me a lot of sofa beds that would have fit in this space. She also believed that the dark wooden trim at the top of the room should be painted white and I agree! I have been thinking that about the whole house ever since I first saw it. This is definitely in the future plans. As is getting new flooring.

The main struggle was making it also work for an extra guest bedroom. I had this Target sofa that folded down into a bed, but it was too large to fit in this space against the shelves due to the closet on the right.  But I finally figured out a solution that I think works perfectly. I opened the sofa bed and it actually fits in pretty great. It's like a (very) budget Barcelona(R) couch. I plan to make some large size pillows for the bed.

I will eventually switch out the carpet for a light hardwood. I moved this rug into the space to cover up a very worn out spot of the carpet.

I snagged a cool large mirror on Craigslist that I need to go pick up this week. I plan to place it where the bulletin board is on the right. I am hoping that it helps to reflect the small amount of natural light that this room gets.

And, as I mentioned, I plan to paint the dark trim the same color as the walls. Our entire house has this line of dark painted wood trim and I have been wanting to paint it for ages. This is a good room to start, and maybe it will convince Dave to let me paint the rest of the house.

The sewing machine also needs to take a trip to the Dr. It will only sew straight lines and none of my fancy stitches work. What good is it if it doesn't stitch very tiny campers and bicycles!

Here's the view from the dining room.

Thank you to blizzard Jonas to give me a free day to work on this!

What would you do to this room to improve it? Here is a list of what I would like to do:

  • Install hardwood floors (or cork?)
  • Make pillows for the bed
  • Paint the sink cabinet door
  • Paint the closet door either white or chalkboard black
  • Paint the trim white and repaint the walls the same shade

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