Monday, October 19, 2015

vintage planters in the brand*eye home shop

Saturday I was a very lucky girl and scored a lot of great things to stock the brand*eye home shop. I found lots and lots of excellent planters. The yellow one above is my favorite. These work really great to store things around your home. I use them for bracelets, keys and misc items.

This green planter has what I think is a flower frog (holes for flowers) in it. Or is it an ashtray? I think it's for flowers, because it is missing the little indentations which ashtrays usually have. Anyway, it's cool!

 The green and turquoise one below has great lines and I love anything that is elevated like a pedestal.

And the yellow one below is excellent. I love that it's a muted yellow and doesn't have a high gloss which a lot of planters have.

What is your favorite thing to do with planters?  

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