Friday, August 28, 2015

the first apartment

There is nothing quite like your first apartment. It's the beginning of something great, which is your life, and is exciting, and scary and, most importantly, fun! I had the awesome opportunity to drive with my niece to the beginning of her new adventure. She now lives in the super cool state of Colo-RAD-o.

Believe it or not, my niece already had all of this sweet art work and the bedspread (duvet cover for the fancy folks). All we had to buy were some necessities like a bed, and dresser and night stand, etc.

The artwork is from Hailey's collection (we just had to buy some frames) and the bedspread is from Deny Designs, which is a great website to find unique artist designed home furnishings.
"kids these days" have a great thing called tapestries. In my day we had a thing call "posters" which were very easily bent and ruined. I still may or may not have many, framed, bent posters in my home. Also, if they are lucky, have talented roommates, who are artists, and make very cool paintings of libraries. This is the living room of the house she lives in. 
I have to admire the gigantic closet in her bedroom. My first apartment had a small closet, which was shared, and my second closet in my second apartment/house had the smallest closet. It could not even fit a hanger hanging perpendicular to the wall.
If you're super lucky, you may also have a roommate who has a vintage Volkswagen bus. And you may also have a black lab puppy, and an angora bunny as a roommate. But that's only if you're really, really, extra, super lucky. 

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