Sunday, May 31, 2015

planting climbers

This year I am forgetting about trying to grow vegetables and sticking to easy plants. We never get enough sun for vegetable plants and I am terrible at the upkeep. I picked up some climbers so I am envisioning this being an amazing paradise this summer. It already sort of is.

Lots and lots of coleus. It is my favorite plant.

I started some moonflower and morning glory from seed and am hoping that they last and thrive. We shall see.


 The plant to the right is a very cool looking climber called Cardinal Climber. I first saw this last summer in my neighbor hood. A house had this planted along with Hyacinth Bean and it looked stunning. I picked up some of that too.

 I love this planter. I picked it up at a craft show in NYC last year (Renegade perhaps?), but can't remember the seller. Anyone know?
What did you plant this spring?

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