Monday, March 18, 2013

baby quilts

so this year just about everyone seems to be having a baby! i made two baby quilts, one for my cousin and one for dave's cousin.

 how cute is this animal scientist print?

and i have 3 more to make! oh and BOTH of my sewing machines are broken. the viking wasn't working right so i used my old kenmore to finish this baby quilt and then moz decided to run through the dining room where i had it set up and pulled the cords and it fell to the floor. it weighs a TON, so luckily it didn't land on him. 


TeaLovingShamrock said...

Wow, those are amazing quilts! How long does it take you to make them? :)

brandeye said...

Thanks! It depends on the design, but it usually takes 6-8 hours or so.