Friday, December 21, 2012

happy holidays

happy holidays. this house is a pleasure to decorate any time of the year, but christmas is especially fun. and we have room for a tree, which we didn't have room for the past couple of years at our old house. i didn't realize how much i missed having one. 

 lights are my favorite part of christmas.

a succulent arrangement we got as a house warming gift that i've somehow managed to keep alive. i have to say i am doing much better at keeping plants alive in this house, because it gets a lot more sunlight. i believe i am up to a survival rate of about 60%.
 a little wreath action above the new bench.

 hallway nook which desperately needs artwork hung on it.
dining room. 
 and more dining room.
 hallway with mozzie bear.
 and my sewing room.
happy holidays!

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