Friday, November 2, 2012


as my sister said, couldn't they come up with a better name? i agree, sandy has to be one of the lamest names for a hurricane, but this was no lame storm. the winds ripped through our area and sounded like a freight train. luckily we didn't get much rain, just wind which knocked down trees all over the place. luckily we only lost a small one or two and nothing was damaged. we were without power mon-thur and i am so happy to have heat and electricity back!

this was moz, unphased by the storm. although, in his defense it wasn't too crazy yet when this was taken. 
our fireplace got lots of use while we were without power. and i finally made it through a pack of ikea candles. and lots of red wine...

it wasn't until yesterday when we finally were back "online" that i realized the real impact of the storm in places like NY and NJ. it made me realize how lucky were were and i hope they recover quickly. 

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