Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hancock shaker village

so several weeks ago we spent a few days in Massachusetts, which you may remember. i've been a huge blogging slacker lately, and then we were out of electricity for a few days due to hurricane irene. so let's just blame it on that, shall we? :-)

the hancock shaker village was incredible. although i can't necessarily condone all of their beliefs (celibacy, no thanks), there is much i can agree with (racial and gender equality, simplicity).

i am a huge fan of the shaker pegs that go all the way around most of their rooms.

the picture above is a rendition of what they think the colors were as originally painted. also, one of my favorite colors.

and inside, they made boxes (which i had to buy of course)

they were avid canners and preservers of food.

the round barn building.

and the animals. the pigs were adorable, notice the one still laying there, sleeping. dave said that is me.

even the floor of the icehouse was cool.

everything was beautiful.


Stormy said...

I loved looking at your photos. I am a New England transplant in Florida. Thank you for a touch of home.

Brandi said...

Your photos are wonderful! I really love the piggies. They're so cute. The Shaker furniture style is one of my favorites -- their whole sense of design and aesthetic are beautiful.