Friday, January 28, 2011

our giant tv

we (dave) have been wanting a new tv for years and we finally took the plunge and bought a 42" flat screen. i also splurged on this AWESOME art piece by paintsquare that i had custom made to match the room. the sweet credenza is from a thrift store by my work, and was only $45! yes, $45.

the only thing we have left to do is figure out a cord-hiding-system.

and we didn't even have to get rid of the elvis presley armoire. it now fits snuggly in the dining room and gives us lots of extra storage space. next we want to get a nice big painting to go in the dining room.

1 comment:

stephanie said...

yay for a new tv! and art piece - i looked at their shop & their work is gorgeous.

and i love how your pup is resting his head on his toy. mine do that too and it's adorable.