Friday, November 5, 2010

retirement home...

... for horses. yes, you heard me. i wish i could retire here, ryerss farm for aged equines. we found ourselves in pottstown for a wedding a couple of weeks ago, so i tried to find something fun to do in the area before the wedding. thanks to the internet, i found this to do. it was so much fun and made me remember how much i love horses. as a kid i rode them at summer camp and i always loved it. you couldn't ride them here, but you could pet them and feed them carrots and apples until your heart's content.

i'm taking a photography class at our local high school, so i tried to use my fancy pants camera on complete manual mode. well, most of them looked awful, but i got a couple that turned out well.

have you done anything unexpected and fun lately?

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Brandi said...

How beautiful. I'm so happy there are places like this -- the world needs more of them.