Monday, September 20, 2010

from bag to tag and the clover market

i had been keeping this bag around (from my trip to the amazing terrain), because it was too pretty to throw away. today i noticed that it was falling apart so i was just about to put it in the recycling, when i had the idea to cut it up to use as tags. i planned to go to the craft store today to buy some, so this saved me a trip, and recycled something that would have been in the trash.

while cutting up the bag, i noticed this, which i thought was appropriate :-)

and why, you may ask, do i need tags? because i'm doing my first show! i'm super excited about it and nervous at the same time. i'll be at the clover market in ardmore, pa on october 10, 11-4. you can check out lots of details about the market here. hope to see you there!

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stephanie said...

best of luck on your first show! you will be fabulous :)