Tuesday, July 20, 2010

kanthas at the philadelphia art museum

you've got a few days left to go to the kantha exhibit at the philadelphia museum of art, it ends sunday. i finally got a chance to go last weekend and it was great. the level of detail on the embroidered quilts is crazy. i can't even hand quilt one quilt and every square inch of these are embroidered with intricate designs. not only is the design embroidered, but the entire background is stitched, which gives them depth.

from the museum website,

"Stitching kanthas was an art practiced by women across Bengal, a region today comprising the nation of Bangladesh and the state of West Bengal, India. Lovingly created from the remnants of worn garments, kanthas are embroidered with motifs and tales drawn from a rich local repertoire and used especially in the celebration of births, weddings, and other family occasions. "

i snuck some pictures and didn't get caught this time, unlike last time. the pictures are not great, but you can see everything on this website.

this one was my favorite, i loved the geometric design.

ps. the exhibit is in the perelman building, so you can just pay $8 for that building.

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