Thursday, January 14, 2010


a couple of weekends ago we went to nyc and i finally got a chance to go to droog. i've been to amsterdam thrice, but for no good reason never went to droog before. we just so happened to walk by it while wandering around and freezing our asses off. it was amazing. an amazing space filled with awesome furniture, or art, or whatever you want to call it. it was gorgeous and if i had lots o' money i would have bought a few things, starting with this. it was my favorite. it combined two of my favorite things, blown glass and a giant wooden table. the glass was blown then left to have it's way with the table. that sounded really dirty. haha.

and another amazing table.

and yet another table, this one with a bit more purpose. you could push books or objects into it. it reminded me of jenga.

and this awesome set of drawers. i had seen it on blogs before, but it was even more spectacular in person.

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Brandi said...

I love those drawers. And the handblown glass...