Friday, December 11, 2009

englishtown, NJ - quite possible the best antique and furniture store

(at least that that i've been to.) last weekend jenn and i went to the englishtown antigues and used furniture . imagine a supermarket packed with reasonably (or downright cheap) priced antiques and used furniture from floor to ceilling. it was gigantic and we could have spent days here.
jenn got this buffet/hutch for $50, yes $50. delivery was twice that, but all together it was still only $150. i hope it was delivered full of all that junk, i want it.
somebody needs to go buy this. (jenn!) a huge mirror, the top even lights up.

fun with the mirror.

jenn also got the coolest orange dish warmer set. i was hoping she didn't buy it so i could, damnit!

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