Thursday, May 28, 2009


we love to camp and finally had a free day and night. before it was booked with memorial day parties, we booked a camp site to make sure that we didn't loose the opportunity.
french creek state park was really beautiful and we loved it! the camping spots were nice and big, although not all of them were. some were in the midst of rocks, so the camping area was relatively small. we lucked out and got a nice, big camping spot.
we took moz along, and he loved it, although it meant that we couldn't go hiking. he wouldn't last for a long walk and we tried to leave him in the tent to see how he would react and he just tried to walk right through the walls and barked and whined. it was actually amusing.
dave made a kick ass beef stew.

while i watched.
then it stormed, which was pretty awesome. luckily the timing was perfect and it started after we ate dinner, and put all the stuff in the tent or car.

monday we woke up and had maple sausages and pancakes.

then took moz for a swim in the lake.

what a handsome devil.

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