Tuesday, November 11, 2008

vet appointment and leaves

this morning we took moz to the upenn orthopedic vet to have them check out his leg and the lump on his belly. luckily they think the lump is nothing, just fat! we are super relieved. next up, knee surgery! the poor guy will get it next week, then 8 weeks of recovery. no running, jumping, anything for 2 to 3 months. he will be a sad pup.

the vet is right near university of the sciences in philadelphia, where we went to college and met. it was nice to see all of the changes the school has made. it's much nicer than when we were there! we had to make a stop at linda's lunch cart on campus. that lady is amazing. she remembers us every time we go back (it's only been twice) and we graduated 7 years ago! i ate a bacon, egg and cheese and got a hazlenut coffee. yummm. delicious memories...

we got home earlier than we thought we would, but both took the whole day off, so we raked some leaves into piles in the back yard. we have speakers outside, so we also had a bit of a dance party. i'm sure the neighbors were amused, but hopefully they were all at work! i took some pictures of the changing leaves and flowers in the backyard. sorry, no pics of the dance party.

i also added some more stuff to my etsy shop brand-eye.

the fabric may look familiar!


Unknown said...

hey pretty grrl. i love the blog! poor mr. moz. he is in my and dozie's thoughts. we are wishing him a speedy recovery. hope to see you and dave soon. i adore you two.

svennie and dozer!

Alyssa said...

Our old dog Taylor (do you remember her, I'm sure you do), anyway, she got hit be a car when she was younger and had to be off of her leg for 8 weeks too. My dad built a big pen for her and she had to be kept in it the whole time. How do you get a dog to not jump? So that sucks for moz. She'll make it and hopefully be much happier because of it.
Really wish you had dance party pics!!!

brandeye said...

thanks for the well wishes. it'll be easier for him to recover from surgery this time around (i think), because he's 5 and not a hyper 1.5 year old puppy. i just can't wait until we can take him on walks again. right now we drive him to the school so he can get some exercise. he FREAKS out from excitement when we pull in and he realizes where we are.