Wednesday, October 8, 2008


dave and i had yet another destination wedding to attend, this time it was in napa valley. we had a really great time and we had a chance to catch up with some friends that we don't get to see as much as we'd like. we stayed at roman hot springs in calistoga and waking up each morning to a swim in the hot springs was heaven on earth. this is where we spent our mornings.

the wedding was really beautiful and the sky cleared just in time for the ceremony.

then it was time to celebrate.

we spent a day in sonoma and had a tour of quivira winery.

they have goats!

it started to rain on us so we took cover under a tree.

the sky cleared.

so we drank some more.

we drove back to napa valley to have dinner at ad hoc, which, unfortunately, was an expensive disappointment.
then to san francisco.
we saw sea lions.

and boats.

and walked around china town.

and walked some more...

and saw some friends that live in san francisco (i forgot to take pics!).
we went to the newly re-opened academy of sciences in golden gate park. it was awesome. lots of really cool fish.

and a living roof.

it was a blast. i wish i could keep up this pace of a vacation every other week! it's been awesome.

if you want to see more pictures, check out my flickr


Anonymous said...

your photography is beautiful! i love the sea lions.

brandeye said...

thanks. the sea lions were hilarious, but they smelled.

Amber said...

I'm loving the living roof!