Wednesday, August 13, 2008

work space redo and diy cork board

so we have been working on redoing a spare room into a work space for me and it's looking good if i do say so myself. i made a cork board out of some cork tiles that i got at michael's. here's how i did it

1. our walls happen to be plywood, so i could just nail them directly to the wall. first i measured to make figure out where to cut the tiles to fit between two pieces of trim on the wall.

2. then i cut the tile with scissors. an exacto knife and ruler would have worked better, but i don't have one.

3. line the tiles up on the wall and nail

here they are on the wall, looking bare and sad. i need to fill it with inspiration.

here are some pictures of the not quite finished room.

i want to make a slipcover for the sofa and need some new pillows. and i should get a rug because the floors scratch and dent really easily, but i like how it looks without one.

the filing cabinet doesn't really match anymore and i never really like how it turned out in the first place (i covered it with modge podge and paper), but it works for now. i can't believe how bright and big this room looks now. i'm really excited to have my very own work space! what do you think?


Amber said...

i feel like this is a whole other room i've never been in before. is this the room upstairs to the right of the bathroom? it looks amazing, and i especially love the all the windows!

Alyssa said...

It looks great. Can't wait to see the walls filled with all of your ideas!

brandeye said...

thanks, guys. it does let in so much more light now, i love it.