Monday, July 28, 2008

beginner's quilt class complete

saturday was my last beginner's quilting class at spool. it was a lot of fun and i just finished binding my second quilt. this time i did it the proper way and finished it by hand instead of with the sewing machine. although i did totally cheat and machine quilted it. what can i say, i am lazy and impatient. the pattern was a combination of 6 different blocks and strips of fabric. i used the following fabrics: two young street by prints charming, westminster fibers-birds, Tina Givens for westminster fibers-large petals, and Katie Fassett for rowan fabric-spot. i think i need to use some restraint next time i pick out fabrics. it's a little, okay a lot, busy.

machine quilting


mitered corners

finished quilt


Amber said...

wow! i totally love it. it is busy, but busy in the best way possible. i love the print / color combo!

Anonymous said...

woah - so impressive! i love it.

Alyssa said...

looks great. I'm impressed. I'm starting to piece one myself...sure it will be take me awhile though.